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Conception Maison Le Dire is proud to introduce an effective tool that will help establish positive daily communications between parents and educators. So much time is being squandered in communication attempts via lost or unanswered memos. How frustrating it is that schedule problems always seem to prevent you from meeting the person you really need to talk to. Our innovative Diary is specially adapted to daycare situations and visually formatted for easy and quick daily communications.

Using icons, parents can easily visualize the kind of day their child has had at the daycare centre. They can also monitor their child’s evolution and prevent certain problems. Because of its adapted presentation, the Diary also makes room for the child’s involvement; after all, he or she is the one that is concerned. Writing space allows parents and educators to leave each other messages and/or receipt acknowledgement.

In addition to the daily communication pages, you will find the child’s Passport and also useful reference pages for parents and educators alike. The Diary has been created in response to the needs of daycare users because we know that good communication is essential to them. Conception Maison Le Dire has put all its innovative energy into this Diary in order to make it the best communication tool for parents, daycare educators and children.


The right tool makes talking so easy. It’s almost magical!


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Dimension : 23,1 cm × 18,3 cm × 0,8 cm

Wheight : 224 gr.


Participation in activities


Weather reports based on his moods

Sleepy time

Potty training

Relationships with peers

Message reply

Rating by the educator

Where’s Mini hiding?




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